Bijan Pakzad biography and Bijan brand history

Despite the emergence of the global economic crisis and the shrinking stock markets in the world, the Bijan brand, which for nearly 30 years managed to sell the world’s most expensive men’s clothing in Beverly Hill, was not only not affected by the crisis, which even spent $ 100 million on print and television advertising.


The main purpose of this brand promotion was to encourage people to buy their products as a dream person. According to Mohibi, the financial director of the Bijan brand, the sale of this brand’s clothing and jewelry to a total of more than $ 20 million in annual revenue and the launch of four perfume lines has added $ 50 million in additional revenue. However, he was just a small actor in the $ 2 billion perfume
industry, and at the same time, he was able to compete with a superpower like a gourmet in the fashion world. Gucci stores around the world earn $ 2 billion and $ 200 million. Nevertheless, Bijan Pakzad owned a significant amount of first-rate commercial real estate in Beverly Hills. Beverly Hills, also known as Bijan, was a Mediterranean-inspired palace opened in 1976 and deluxe clothing like a American vicuna wool (made from American camel wool) at a price $ 15,000, a chinchilla wool cloth for $ 120,000, and a luggage compartment of Crocodile skin for $ 65,000.



The shop is decorated with the finest form of fame, with exquisite handcrafts and handcrafts for $ 500,000, a shiny and brass staircase for $ 400,000 and a chalet for $ 75,000. The walls are blue with a
shadow of blue color, signed by Bijan. When he opened his second store in Fifth Avenue in New York in 1984, he spent $ 10 million on designing it.
He worked very cleverly. All these details of the Bijan image were promoted to the people to find all the expensive goods in the world. While he believed that introducing himself and his products was a kind
of marketing, he spent $ 100 million on print and television advertising. In the next step, he helps the customer to buy the desired item, and the customer recalls Bijan’s visit to see him doing all that particular work for him.


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