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About Womens Rights

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UN Women’s flagship report, shows that, all too often, women’s economic and social rights are held back, because they are forced to fit into a ‘man’s world’. But, it is possible to move beyond the status quo, to picture a world where economies are built with women’s rights at their heart. 


Rights of all women living in the world are listed in the declaration, just as women’s rights and human rights. women’s rights, according to this declaration are:

1. Together or separate property is the right of both sexes. Nobody can be deprived of his share of the nation’s real legacy.

2. No woman shall be left out of this law. Women will be charged before the law in certain cases, he will be arrested and imprisoned. Women, like men, will depend on precisely which provisions of the law.

3. Act only absolute must provide clear and appropriate penalties.

4. Criminal sanctions laws which apply to every woman.

5. Women are born free and equal in rights with men.

6. Each objective of political association, women and men, is to protect the natural and permanent rights. These rights; liberty, property, security, and especially to resist oppression.

7. The basis for each state power and unity of men and women is based on the presence in their nation.

8. Liberty and justice consist of return of everything that belongs to another. Thus, the right to oppose the permanent persecution of the men is not the limit of the application. Limits should be regulated in nature and mind frame.


9. prohibit any behavior that could be harmful to the laws of nature and society in mind. This is permitted by law and the prohibition of divine law can not be prevented nothing.

10. The law should be the expression of the general will. All female and male citizens must contribute to the formation of law personally or through a proxy. All male and female citizens are equal before the law; all ranks, positions and public offices should be considered equally.

11. Nobody even if a general policy, can not be the case because of the conviction. Women have the right to go to the gallows, it has the right to come to the same extent as speaker podium.



12 free expression of ideas and thoughts is one of the most valuable substances of women’s rights because it ensures that freedom father fatherhood bond with their children. Thus, each barbaric female citizens without prejudice forcing her to hide the facts, “I am the mother of a child who belongs to us” he says.

13. Women and guaranteeing the rights of women citizens, reveals a greater benefit. This assurance should not be the privilege of the people recognized that these rights must serve everyone’s interest.

14. The contribution of women and men to state expenses and administrative expenses are equal. Women all obligations and contribute in strenuous jobs, so the task, work request, participate in sharing the honor and zanaatt

15. Female and male citizens have the right to decide whether mandatory taxes themselves or through their representatives. Women citizens, not only the presence, but also in public institutions, collection of taxes, if they can use them to participate equally in the process of determining the time and accepts it.

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